Each teacher has their own homework page - please check your child's teacher's homework page for specific homework assignments. Please know that some homework is differentiated which may not be on the homework page. Nightly multiplication practice and reading is expected in fourth grade.

Attention Students and Parents:

Students will be learning how to access their portal account. If they go to the "productivity tools" tab, they will find Office 365 which gives them access to multiple programs from the Microsoft Office Suite online from any device with an internet connection. They can access these programs anywhere and have already begun typing one of their first assignments.

To access this program from home:
1) using a Google Chrome browser, go to https://vportal.volusia.k12.fl.us/
2) type the student's user name: 1, followed by their alpha code in lower case letters. Example: 1abcd
3) type the student's password: birthday (mmddyyyy). Example: 01032005
4) go to the "productivity tools" tab (on the bottom)
5) click "Office 365"
6) click "OneDrive" (top right corner)
7) to create a new document, click "NEW"
OR to view a document that has already been started, find and click your document from the list on that page

NOTE: any work done on this site should automatically be saved as it is being worked on (if technology is functioning as intended)

To send documents and / or projects to the teacher developed in Office 365:
1) be in the document you are want to send
2) click "file" (top left corner)
3) click "share"
4) type the teacher's last name in the top box that you want to send it to (NOTE: if you are sending it to Hansen, be sure to send it to Mary Hansen - gifted teacher)
5) click the blue "share" at the bottom

Other programs and links available on vportal are:
student gradebook
math textbook - Pearson
science textbook - Think Central
Follett ebooks (our media center has ebooks available for electronic reader checkout)
Safari Montage - educational videos